• You’re tired of generic gym workouts and want to burn fat and build muscle in a fun new way

  • You want to learn to throw punches and move like a pro without injuring yourself

  • You have been sedentary throughout quarantine and want an exciting way to get back into shape

  • You want to enhance your mood, boost endurance, and improve overall hand-eye coordination

Give us 30 DAYS, and we’ll have you DROPPING WEIGHT, THROWING BOMBS, and TRAINING LIKE A PRO! I’ve spent years in the gym PERFECTING how to teach BOXING to beginners and I’m here to SHARE my SECRETS with you! Come learn the “SWEET SCIENCE” taught by a semi-pro in just 4 weeks!


  • Move and Throw Punches Like a Pro

    Follow along with our videos as we teach you how to punch properly and move like a fighter

  • Improvement in Balance and Posture

    Boxers are some of the most agile athletes. We will teach you proper form and how to shadow box just like a real fighter. You will notice a change in your hand-eye coordination which will improve your balance and posture.

  • Increase in Overall Strength

    During a boxing workout, you may punch a bag hundreds of times while constantly moving, requiring your upper body, lower body, and core to engage as you make contact with the bag. Our workouts also include bodyweight exercises that will increase your overall strength.

  • Drop Excess Weight and Build Lean Muscle

    Boxing is an incredible sport for improved body composition because it perfectly combines muscle-building strength training moves and calorie-burning cardio. A combination of our boxing workouts and nutritious eating plan, you will without a doubt see positive changes in your shape, improvements to your body mass, and a decrease in your weight on the scale.

  • Decrease Stress

    Exercise is known to increase endorphins, boost mood, work as a form of meditation, and improve sleep, all of which help reduce stress. Boxing specifically is a great outlet for stress as there’s an incredible release when you get to take some of your stress out on a punching bag. It’s an empowering feeling to punch your stress head on.


Carlo Orlando

Boxing can be intimidating but with Gary’s help at Final Round it was made easy! His experience helped me go from the fundamentals to being able to improve my boxing as well as overall fitness and conditioning! He’s a pro who can teach all levels and with the help of the rest of the Final Round team you get a family like atmosphere where everyone has the same goal, to connect with one another and sweat!

Meredith Nahra

I love having Gary in my corner. He patiently and expertly teaches the fundamentals of how to box. He gives tailored instruction that identifies my strengths and weaknesses and propels me forward. My boxing sessions with Gary are challenging, fun and invigorating. I feel strong and energized after every session. I’m proud of my progress and Gary is a huge part of it.

Christian Lespinasse

You will learn the fundamentals to protect yourself without a doubt. How sharp you become is on you. This guy is iron therefore, metal sharpens metals! A true professional.

Jen Newman

I can’t believe I can box! In just one session I learned so much. I can’t believe what a workout it is.

Vincent Laterza

Gary is great. He constantly pushes you to succeed. He makes sure that you’re working at your full potential. Overall amazing trainer and great guy.

John Stocker

Gary is a boxing master! He seamlessly blends old school boxing training and techniques with the most cutting edge cardio and strength workouts. The result is smooth footwork, lighting fast combinations and non-stop power shots!


  • 21 Total Workouts

  • 12 Coaching Videos

  • Workout Templates w/ Easy To Follow Notes

  • 30 Day Training Calendar

  • Exercise Library

  • Lifetime Access to Course (Including Updates!)


  • 1

    Instructions for this course

    • Welcome!

    • 21 Day Challenge Schedule

    • 1000 Punch Challenge

  • 2

    Move Like A Pro

    • Coaching

    • Rhythm

    • Forward & Backward Movement

    • Lateral Movement

    • Pivoting

    • Mixing It Up

    • Move Like A Pro

  • 3

    Punch Like A Pro

    • Coaching

    • Jab

    • Cross

    • Lead Hook

    • Rear Uppercut

    • Body Shots

    • Punch Like A Pro

  • 4

    Fight Like A Pro

    • Coaching

    • Common Combinations

    • The Art of Shadow Boxing

    • Fight Like A Pro

  • 5

    Exercise Library

    • Air Burnouts

    • Jumping Jacks

    • Mountain Climbers

    • Squat Jacks

    • Knees Up Crunch

    • Shoulder Touches

    • Bicycles

    • Jumping Lunge (Modified)

    • V-Sits

    • High Plank Burpees

    • Push-Ups (Standard)

    • Air Jump Rope

    • Lateral High Knees

    • Walk-Out w/ Shoulder Touch

    • Low Plank

    • In & Outs

    • Walk-Out Push Up to Jump

    • Low Plank (Spider)

    • Two Step Side Shuffle

    • Quick Feet

    • Walk-Out w/ Superman

    • Low Plank Knee Crossover

    • Alternating Side Kick Burpees

    • Squat Jump (Body Weight)

    • Jumping Lunge (Modified)

    • Alternating Knee Tuck

    • 180 Squat Jump

    • Everest Climbers

    • Back Lunge with Rotation (Body Weight)

    • Bear Crawl

    • Push-Ups (Wide)

    • High Knee 4-Step

    • Alternating Leg Rotation Into Squat Jump

    • Scissors

    • High Knee Sprint

    • Push-Ups (Diamond)

    • Plank Walk-Ups

    • Low Plank Knee Tuck

    • Push-Ups (Spiderman)

    • Lateral Jump Squats

    • High Plank Burpee

    • High Plank In & Outs

    • High Plank Jacks

    • High Plank w/ T-Rotation

    • Full Extension Crunch

    • KB Russian Twist

    • Alternating Toe Touch (Modified)

    • Flutter Kicks

    • High Plank Toe Touch

“I’ve spent years perfecting how to teach boxing to beginners and created a program to help people learn the “sweet science” in just 21 days, which I am excited to share with you. Follow along with videos where I teach you the fundamentals like how to properly punch (without injury) and guide you to be able to move and throw punches like a pro. All you need is 20-30 minutes a day. No equipment necessary but your own body.” - Gary Fernandez