What's Included

Everything listed is included regardless of plan you choose.

  • A brand new cycle of training is provided every 4 weeks that can be modified to fit your specific goals, needs and fitness level. All workouts can be done at home or in the gym. All training cycles are designed to burn fat and build lean muscle.

  • Full access to your own personal team of trainers who have over 25+ years of experience via text, video and phone calls when necessary.

  • Nutritional consulting and food diary to help maximize your results

  • Accountability and progress check-ins to make sure you’re always making the progress you want and help you stay motivated.

  • Everything is done on an easy-to-use app

  • The Final Round Method

    Our training system is a combination of functional strength, metabolic conditioning and calisthenics. All of our workouts are fun, challenging, and can be modified to fit any fitness level. Every four weeks, you'll receive a brand new template of workouts, with new challenges and progressions. This will ensure your training will not become stagnant and you will continue to see results. All workouts are designed using only dumbbells, kettle bells, and your own body weight; which means it can easily be done at the gym or at home. Our workouts can take anywhere from 20-45 minutes, making it convenient to fit into any schedule.

  • Incredible Value for Direct Access to Experienced Personal Trainers

    No more wasting time and money on inefficient workout and diet programs. You will work with multiple experienced fitness professionals to create a manageable, effective eating plan and exercise program that fits around your personal schedule. You’ll have direct access to trainers who have years of experience and helped hundreds of people make transformations they never thought possible. You will be able to contact your trainers via text, email, phone or video calls. For you to get the most out of this program, you MUST be motivated, dedicated, disciplined, and focused.

  • Nutritional Consultation and Food Diary

    We ask all of our clients to keep a food diary that is included in the online program. Once we have a better idea of your eating patterns we can start putting together a plan that will work best for you. We check in regularly with our clients to see when and how the nutrition needs to be modified. All nutritional plans are individualized to fit your personal lifestyle and schedule.

  • Accountability and Progress Monitoring

    Throughout the online program, our trainers will constantly be checking in with you to keep you motivated and hold you accountable. We will keep track of your weight, overall body composition, as well as monitor your progress with our fitness assessments and challenges. This will allow our trainers to modify and change workouts and meal plans on an as needed basis. We know that your fitness level will continue to improve while training with us, so your workouts will continually change. You may also choose new goals so we will modify your program to fit any goals you set.

  • Easy-to-Use App

    It does not matter where you live or where you train because our online program is specific to you. We have an easy-to-use app on your phone or tablet so that you can take your training anywhere. The program can also be set up on a computer if that is more suitable. There are video demonstrations and training cues for every single exercise in your workouts. We can also correct and check form through the video option in the app when needed. Working with a personal trainer has never been easier!

Available Plans

Multiple Options to Suit Your Needs